Renewu Coaching

At Renewu coaching we recognise and celebrate that we are all different.  We offer coaching programmes, Reiki and retreats, all designed around your specific emotional and physical wellbeing goals. We are there to support and guide you through your individual transformational journey to help you:

  • Reduce and manage stress and anxiety
  • Stop negative self-chatter
  • Increase your energy levels & general wellbeing
  • Cope with emotional or life challenges
  • Improve sleep
  • Change your eating habits & lose weight or
  • Stop smoking

With all our coaching programmes we always start by looking at your mindset, as having the ‘right’ mindset is the key to successfully implementing any change, no matter what it is. We do this by understanding your current story: how you view yourself, how you believe others view you, what motivates you and what may be holding you back from becoming a healthier, happier, more resilient and confident you.

We then re-write your story to create a vision more aligned with how you want to look and feel. Together we develop a fun and easy plan to help you start making and just as importantly, sustain the changes to your mindset, eating habits and lifestyle so that they effortlessly become part of your everyday, amazing life.

Reiki helps to re-balance your energy fields to bring your mind and body back into flow. This deeply relaxing treatment helps you to reduce stress and tension, cope with emotional and life challenges and  promotes restful sleep and general well being.

Reiki can also be used alongside the coaching process to allow you the head space to start to create the shifts in your mindset and to reinforce your positive intentions. 

Ways we can work together

small group retreats

All-inclusive retreats hosted in beautiful Cornish surroundings. Accelerate your transformational physical and emotional wellbeing journey.

retreats for 1 to 2 people

Peace and tranquility in the sea-side town of Falmouth, Cornwall. Time to relax, re-frame and begin your renewed wellbeing journey.

weekly coaching sessions

One to one coaching sessions to explore and re-frame your self-beliefs. Make long lasting changes to lose weight, stop smoking, boost your energy levels or reduce stress. 

Being strong-minded, I thought this would not work for me. How wrong I was!

Jill showed me how to focus on the positive things. I was neglecting them and trying to make the ‘bad’ things good.  I am now a non-smoker but I also feel I can move forward with a positive future. I really do owe Jill so much for opening my eyes!

Gary Denning

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