Renewu Coaching

Stop Smoking

What to Expect

The physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal are minimal – the real battle to stop smoking is in your head. 

The renewu coaching programme will allow you to make smoking a habit of the P.A.S.T without the need for willpower or using nicotine replacements.

It is about you developing a mindset for success, challenging your current beliefs about smoking and then creating your powerful non-smoker story that you feel ready and excited to put into action.

Freedom from smoking

Gary D

“Being strong-minded, I thought this would not work for me. How wrong I was!
Jill showed me how to focus on the positive things. I was neglecting them and trying to make the ‘bad’ things good.  I am now a non-smoker but I also feel I can move forward with a positive future. I really do owe Jill so much for opening my eyes!



What to Expect

We can sometimes feel ‘out of balance’ if we don’t take time out from our busy lives to re-charge or due to illness or trauma. This can lead to fatigue, stress, low mood, anxiety or dis-ease.

Reiki is a gentle ‘hands-on’ healing technique that promotes deep relaxation to allow our mind and body to naturally ‘heal’ and restore balance.

Reiki has been shown to accelerate recovery time and provide relief to patients suffering from a serious illness. It is a safe and unobtrusive complementary therapy.

Reiki treatment
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