Change your mindset, release negative energy and enjoy optimum health, happiness and vitality.

5 day all-inclusive 'find your happy' retreats from just £850 per person

Life is full of ups and downs. That’s the natural pattern of things but sometimes we get stuck in a negative cycle.

We can find ourselves feeling low, feeling tired and listless, lacking energy and enthusiasm. The shorter daylight hours during the winter months can increase these negative feelings.

The ‘find your happy’ retreats are designed to help you break out of this cycle and get back to optimum health, happiness and vitality.

Retreat Dates:

12th to 16th May 2019

2nd to 13th June 2019


Hosted in Falmouth in Cornwall – known for its’ natural peace and tranquility – the ‘Find My Happy’ retreats offer you the opportunity to leave behind the stresses of everyday life, to take some time for yourself, to get back in-flow, to feel free and to feel happy with yourself, inside and out.


Each day starts with some gentle yoga. Don’t worry if you have never done yoga before. You can choose to participate or not.
At the ‘Find My Happy’ retreats yoga is not about your level of experience, being flexible or being able to hold challenging positions. Our aim is to provide you with an opportunity to open yourself up to the possibility of change and to help you to deeply relax and rejuvenate.

Each morning

… will be a journey of self-discovery. An opportunity for you to look at your individual story – identifying the disempowering thoughts, feelings and emotions that you might be holding onto, and that could be draining your energy, causing you stress and preventing you from feeling truly happy and vibrant. Although we will come together as a small group during this session it is very much about your individual personal transformation. We will not be sharing or discussing each other’s stories. We will, however, share how to release any negative thoughts, feelings and emotions we experience and how to welcome a much more positive, supportive and empowering new story; filling you with optimism, vitality and joy.

After lunch

…you can use your free time to enjoy a Massage or some Reiki, to continue your transformation work on your own, have some 1-to-1 Coaching or just to rest. You can expect to want to sleep a lot as you let go of disempowering thoughts, feelings and emotions, some of which you may have held onto for years, and welcome in and create new positive thought patterns.

In the Evening

… we come together again for some more gentle and relaxing yoga and dinner.