Coaching programmes to help you lose weight, stop smoking, boost energy levels or reduce stress

We spend an hour each week together in relaxed, non-judgmental coaching sessions. We start with identifying your unique health and wellness vision and setting clear and achievable goals. We then look at what small but impactful changes you can make to your lifestyle, eating habits, movement and mindset to achieve long-lasting transformation.

We can meet face to face or talk via Skype. Email me or call 07740367561 to find out more or to arrange a time to talk.


Please get in touch to discuss


Coaching to achieve your individual health and wellness goal


Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
or virtual


£75 per hour

Face to face or virtual

You can come and see me each week at my coaching practice in Falmouth, Cornwall or we can talk by phone or Skype.

A nurturing, positive experience

renewu offers you a relaxed, non-judgmental environment to explore what is holding you back and helps to find ways to tap into your positivity and inner-strength to make long-lasting changes to your eating habits, lifestyle and mindset

Relax, re-frame, renew

The coaching has on all aspects of your life. It has a ‘knock on’ effect on your relationships with friends, family and children, your job or career, your finances, your love life and your connection to the world.

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