Change your mindset, release negative energy and enjoy optimum health, happiness and vitality.

Find your happy

Life is full of ups and downs; That’s the natural pattern of things, but sometimes we get stuck in a negative cycle. You can find yourself feeling low, feeling tired and listless, feeling anxious or depressed, lacking energy and enthusiasm.

The ‘find your happy’ approach has been designed to help you to release disempowering and limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions and get back to optimum health, happiness and vitality.

I offer different ways to start your transformational journey. Click below to find out more.

One day workshops - £75

The workshops offer the opportunity to leave behind the stresses of everyday life, to take some time for yourself and to get back in-flow. To feel happy with yourself, inside and out.

23rd February 2019

16th March 2019

We start the day with Vinyasa Flow Yoga. The morning practice is designed to rebalance the Earth energy, helping you to feel grounded and strong as well as calm and centred, in preparation for the day ahead.
We will then do some energy work. Firstly, balancing your yin and yang and bringing your aura and chakras back into flow. We move on to look at your individual story – identifying the disempowering thoughts, feelings and emotions you are holding onto that are draining your energy and preventing you from feeling truly happy and vibrant. We release these from your energy and welcome in a much more positive new story; filling you with optimism, vitality and joy.

Although we come together as a small group, the day is very much about your individual personal transformation. We will discuss how to release negative and welcome in positive energy but we only talk in general terms about thoughts, feelings and emotions. We will not be sharing or discussing each other’s stories.
We round the day off with a second yoga practice. The afternoons soothing practice offers you some time for reflection and to rebalance your energy so that you leave us feeling renewed and ready to continue your amazing life with a positive mindset.

A delicious vegetarian lunch and refreshments are also included in the price of the workshop. If you have any special dietary requirements please let me know and I am sure we can accommodate them.

Weekly Group Sessions - £12

The weekly group sessions are all about identifying the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are holding us back, draining our energy, impacting our health, causing us stress or anxiety or making us feel low. We then release them to make room for more empowering, positive, nurturing energy.  To help us achieve optimum health, happiness and vitality we also balance our yin and yang, work through cleansing our aura and opening our chakras. This energy work uses very simple but amazingly effective techniques that you can use every day.

Tuesdays 7 pm to 8.30 pm from 2nd April 2019

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Please use the links below to book your place or text, call or email me with any questions you have.
If you are interested in attending a workshop but cannot make the advertised dates please get in touch as we may add extra dates.

Find your happy workshop
23rd February 2019 – £75
10 am til 5 pm

Find your happy workshop
16th March 2019 – £75
10 am til 5 pm

Please call if you would like more information or to book
+44 (0) 77 403 67561

Please drop me an email if you have any questions

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